logo "Challenges are a part of life and something you can't escape. To turn challenges into success, you need to break tradition to see and unlock new possibilities." - Carolyn McCall


Would you like your staff to show up more powerful and confident in
their work and personal endeavors and improve their ability
to influence others and get the job done?

If you answered “Yes!”, You’ll love working with Carolyn McCall because she knows what it takes to create a life and career you love.  Carolyn teaches individuals how to live a phenomenal life, by giving yourself Permission to be PHENOMENAL!

Through her motivational and inspirational programs, Carolyn connects with her audiences in a meaningful and authentic way that is both transformational and lasting.

Carolyn McCall has been engaged in public speaking since childhood, presenting to audiences small and large and she is currently an adjunct instructor of Psychology at a local Career Institute. She has developed her expertise from years of experience as a self-development trainer and a professional speaker. Her experience at Walt Disney and Dale Carnegie have helped to shape her passion and commitment to developing others. Her style is engaging and her delivery is full of energy.  She is equally comfortable talking about professional and personal topics, weaving original stories from her own multi-faceted life into her presentations, which keeps the audience on the edge of their seat.

In these times of dizzying change, your team needs more than just a motivational talk that pumps you up for a few days, they need real and practical solutions to building a powerful presence that will help them create greater career success. Carolyn’s presentations add real value – and offer tools and concepts that every participant can incorporate into their lives immediately, to produce meaningful and lasting change.

Of all the speakers you could hire, Carolyn McCall is one of the very few who can engage and motivate the audience – and even more important, deliver a prescription for solid results.

We live and work in rapidly changing times. Institutions, economies, governments and paradigms are in constant shift. It is during these time when focusing on employee development must remain a priority.  What if change is a necessary precursor to our greatness? No matter what is happening in your business, your personal life, or your world, everything you need to create the life of your heart’s deepest desires is right here, right now.

According to Carolyn McCall and her book, Everything You Need Starts Inside You!, the secret lies within you. In her engaging talks, Carolyn shares steps you can take today to totally transform your business, your life and even your experience of reality.

Popular Topics Include:

  • Everything You Need Is Inside of You NOW: 3 Simple Steps to Creating More Joy, Freedom and Abundance Right Now—No Matter What.
  • Inspired Action: Transforming the 13 Attitudes and Actions that Keep You Living Beneath Your Potential
  • Diversity: What You See In Others, Is What You See In Yourself!
  • Painful Goodness: Turning Painful Experiences into Restoration and Peak Performance That Produce Good Results
  • Innovation: Understanding the Mindset that Leads to Transformational Thinking
  • Smart Communication: Creating a Meeting of the Minds
  • Stopping – The Subconscious Mind From Limiting Your Beliefs About You (and Your Business?) 9 Common Saboteurs to Success
  • Eliminate the 5 Illusions that Keep You Stuck
  • Going with your Gut: Profitable Ways to Use Your Intuition in Business and Life

 Custom workshops and speeches also available.

Previous Speaking Experience

Carolyn is an accomplished public speaker with over ten years of in-depth, varied experience ranging from motivational speeches, business meetings, workshops and seminars. Carolyn has a BS in Business Administration and a Masters degree in Marketing.

If you are ready to empower and support your staff, contact Carolyn today to learn how her programs can help you increase performance and productivity.